Overview of the main manufacturers of children's bicycles for kids.

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    Children's bicycles for kids.

    Children's bicycles Smart Trike

    Bespedalny bike - a bicycle without pedals and transmission. It combines the features of a bicycle and scooter: like a bike, the rider sits in the saddle, but, like a scooter, he goes, pushing off the ground (and not pressing the pedal).

    Bespedalnym was the world's first two-wheeled bicycle, designed by Charles Dresen in 1817. However, by the beginning of the 21st century bespedalnaya model experienced a renaissance and a new design was used as a children's transport.

    Now it is one of the most popular types of children's transport in Europe and the United States since the early 2010s is becoming more common in Russia (known as begovel, velobeg, velosamokat, velokat, velokett also used English names balansbayk or ranbayk or German laufrad ).

    Children's bicycles Family


    Begovely are both two-wheeled and three-and four-wheel. They are made of metal or wood. Typically, begovely not have brakes, but some models are equipped with a hand brake.

    The use.

    Typically, begovely preznaznacheny for children from one year and up to five or six years. With their help the children learn to balance while riding, so often begovely become an intermediate step before training skating on a normal pedal bike.

    History of creation.

    Puky children's bikes

    The direct predecessor of child begovela was a wooden prototype of a two-wheeled bicycle, invented by Karl Dresen and he called "machine to run." The first ride on this car on June 12, 1817, and the patent for its invention Dresen received in 1818.

    She was also known as the velocipede (after its inventor), and in 1818 the Frenchman Jean N. Niepce offered to them for the Advanced model with a more convenient name of the bicycle saddle. In England, this vehicle was called "children's toy horse" or "horse for a dandy" - in the second case it was due to the fact that in the years went on it mostly idle young dandy.

    Children's bikes TREK

    In the late 20th century, this form of transport was rediscovered in 1997 by German designer Rolf Mertens had the idea to design for my two year old son of a similar model, in which a child might go, pushing their feet and gradually learning to balance.

    Children bespedalny bike has become increasingly popular, and Mertens and his brother founded the company Kokua selling his invention.


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